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What I think.

I don't really believe that an eating disorder is a life style. I mean life styles don't kill you and eating disorders do kill you. I mean have you ever really heard of anyone who was anorexic and finally reach their goal wieght and was happy with themselves? The way I see it. You should pick a goal weight that is actually realistic and don't change your mind, other wise you'll just die trying to get their. I also kindof see eating disorders as selfish. I mean when you are starving your self and slowing killing your self your hurting all the ones that love you, I mean think how you would feel if they were killing themseves slowly. And I also think its a bet conceted. I mean, this is only my opinon, but do you really think people care that much about how you look? People are to worried about themselves to care about how you look. And last I don't enirly agree w/ the whole encourageing each other to lose weight and stuff. I mean, they say that there not encouraging anything, but just having a community for support is encoraging. I mean if you really wanted to help and be their for them you would make a recovery community, not a web site full of measurements and stuff. Thats not really being there for them. If you really cared you would try to help. But anyway I don't want to start any fights so if you don't agree which I suppose you do, then just don't lissen to me and I won't care, I don't wanna argue, I mean if you really want to arrgue I guess that means you know what I'm saying is true, other wise you wouldn't even waste your time on me. And I diddn't brake any rules. I diddn't offend anyone personaly I just stated my opinion. Thanks love ya!
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