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am a performance artist, painter, composer, playwright from nyc.
i love protruding bones, starve myself for pleasure & spiritual progress. fasting is the best high. also love stimulants.
when i start thinking about my habits as disease, i get upset. i think when you start getting into the mentality that there are problems to be solved, that's when the real problems start.
i'm sick of all the debate about anorexia being a lifestyle or disease. it can be either & neither. some disease is lifestyle and some lifestyles lead to disease.
i want more communication about the subject, how these habit came about in our lives and how it affects us, rather than shutting people out because their philosophy on the subject isn't congenial.
ideas are mutable the more we learn about ourselves & others.
hello hello hello. to all.
i have an odd relationship with food & want to talk all about it. i'm facinated with biology, psychopharmocology and human conciousness.
i have some images of myself though i don't know how accurate they are bc i suffer from dysmorphia.
& ADD & the occasional psychotic episode.
but i assure you i am not dangerous, i am a very odd but humane person with a kind of slapstick/macabre sense of humor...i like to laugh a lot.
kindred spirits, feel free to add me...always looking for new vibes..

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