dayna (cathexis151) wrote in alternative_ana,

New member.

I am here because i love the feeling of being thin, empty, and in control.
I have been officially EDNOS for about 5 years, although many of the issues fueling it have been quite present since i was 5 years old.
I do not flaunt my eating disorder, nor do i worship "ana." I simply find the waif-like figure to be one of the most spectacularly beautiful things the human eye can behold. I strongly believe in the importance of doing whatever it takes to beautify this world, which can be so ugly and cruel. I also feel that having the discipline and will-power to control something as intrinsic as eating behaviour makes the individual stronger.
...So i guess that's why i'm here, in a nutshell.

As far as basic information goes:

height: 5' 5"
current weight: 121
current bmi: 20.1
highest weight: 145
lowest weight: 115
stgw: 110
ltgw: 95

i think i weighed about 130 when this picture was taken.
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